Is There a Universal Canoe or Kayak Loader?

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Our customer asked us: I'm planning to do a lot of kayaking this Spring and in the past I've found it difficult to load the kayak onto the roof on my own. Is there an easier way to do this?

Good news - there is a product from Rhino Rack called the Universal Side Loader that is designed specifically to help with this problem! The universal side loader makes it possible for one person to easily load a kayak, canoe, surfboard or any gear onto the roof on their own. In this kit there is a padded bar that will clamp onto your crossbar and extend past the side of your vehicle. This will hold the load up so you can pivot the other end onto the roof of your vehicle. Also included is a telescoping pole - perfect for rocky/uneven terrain and adding extra support for heavier loads. 

Rhino Rack Canada Universal Kayak or Canoe Loader Rhino Rack Canada Universal Kayak or Canoe Loader Rhino Rack Canada Universal Kayak or Canoe Loader

Once you've setup your Universal Side Loader go to the rear of your vehicle and lean your boat against the extension at a 45 degree angle. Lift the rear end of the boat up so that it's level with your rack and then place the boat on your vehicle's rear crossbar. Last step is to then use the back end of the boat to lift the front end and pivot it into place onto the front crossbar. Always use tie-down straps to secure your load once it's on the roof rack. Once everything is loaded and secured you'll simply disconnect the side loader from the crossbars and store it in the storage bag (included with the loader).

Once at your destination you can reverse these steps to quickly unload the boat and you're off! Included below is a video walkthough of all the steps - you can also see the RUSL in our Kayak and Canoe Carriers section. If you have any questions about Rhino Rack or any outdoor accessories our Hitchweb Team Members are happy to assist - contact us at or call toll free 1-800-300-4067


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