Bulldog Velocity Series Electric Horse Trailer Jacks

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Bulldog Velocity Electric Jack for Horse and Livestock Trailers

The Bulldog Velocity Series electric jacks are loaded with exclusive features for your livestock or horse trailer that you don’t get with competitors hydraulic jacks. The sealed and maintenance free 12V motor on this electric jack will maintain high speeds, even when operating heavier loads. An extra-large articulating footplate will provide stability to prevent sinking and the remote control has a 10' long cord making it easy to operate the jacks from a safe distance. If you’re looking to quickly level and stabilize your trailer these jacks can be setup in a tandem configuration to control 2 jacks with independent leveling but with double the lift capacity!

Although hydraulic jacks remain a popular choice for horse trailers there are some definite advantages you’ll get with a Velocity Series electric jack:

  • 20 minutes to install (bolts on) vs 2 hour hydraulic jack
  • Faster lifting speeds at comparable loads
  • Takes up less space
  • No hoses or pump
  • Doesn’t need hydraulic oil

*Because it does not use hydraulic oil the Velocity lifting speed is not affected by cold weather!

You can find more info on the 185400 Velocity Series jack by visiting our Power Jacks section. If you need any assistance with trailer parts for your livestock or horse trailer or Hitchweb Team members are happy to assist!
 Please contact us at info@hitchweb.com or call toll free 1-800-300-4067


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