Benefits of Cargo Nets versus Bungee Cords

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Our customer asked us: I just purchased a Curt hitch mount cargo carrier and I'm not sure if I should use bungee cords or a cargo net. Is one better than the other?


Bungee Cords vs.Cargo Nets
Bungee Cords vs Cargo Nets Bungee Cords vs Cargo Nets

Although bungee cords and cargo nets are similar, when hauling gear on your roof or hitch mount cargo carrier we always recommend the use of a cargo net.  

Bungee cords, also known as shock cords, are designed to absorb shock and are great for holding down a tarp or securing items in a moving truck, but not for containing heavy, bulky or oddly shaped items in your cargo carrier. Bungee cords should not be stretched any longer than twice their resting length and these cords will break down/fray after normal exposure to sun, rain, wind and extremely hot or cold temperatures. Also keep in mind that losing your grip on a stretched bungee cord will turn it into a projectile with the potential of serious injury.

Cargo nets offer the convenience of a bungee cord with the effectiveness of rope. Cargo nets feature a series of hooks that latch onto your cargo carrier and provide a secure netting over your items. These hooks are generally made of plastic (never metal) and won't scratch the finish of your cargo carrier. Cargo nets are available for both hitch-mounted cargo carriers and roof rack cargo carriers meaning you'll always have the perfect fit. 

Cargo Carrier Nets Canada

Visit our Cargo Bags & Nets section to view all of our available cargo nets in stock in Canada. If you'd like some assistance in chosing the correct cargo net our Hitchweb team members are happy to help! Please contact us at or call 1-800-300-4067

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