What Measurements Are Needed When Selecting an RV Cover

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Our customer asked: I have a trailer that is 20ft long, but including the hitch and a-frame front it is 22ft long. Which measurement is correct? Also is the height measured from top of the RV to the ground?

Getting the right dimensions for your RV cover isn't as hard as it may seem and we have all the steps laid out for you. Just grab a tape measure, pen and paper and you're ready!

Step 1: Measuring your RV length

First measure the length of your RV from bumper to bumper. Make note of additional measurements for anything that sticks out past the bumper - ladders and spare tires are common things to check for. Do not include hitches in these measurements.


Step 2: Measuring your RV height

Measure from the top of the roof down to the bottom of the frame. Measuring all the way to the ground will result in an ill fitting cover. AC units do not need to be included in your measurements as our manufactures take these units into account and are made to accomodate them.

 How to Measure for an RV Cover

Step 3: Measuring the width of your RV

This is an easy one - just measure from side to side and you're officially done!


Once you have you measurements you can visit our Camper & RV Covers section to browse all our available styles. If you require assistance in choosing your cover one of our Hitchweb team members would be happy to help! Just email us at info@hitchweb.com or call 1-800-300-4067

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