Rhino-Rack cargo basket adapter for Thule Crossbars?

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016 — No Comments Yet

Our customer asked us: I have Thule square crossbars and just purchased a Rhino-Rack steel mesh tray. The universal hardware doesn't fit my bars, is there an adapter or fix for this?

There is an easy adapter that can be used to fix this very issue. Rhino-Rack part number MUBK is a kit containing 4 u-bolt 

Rhino Rack MUBK adapter kit for Thule and Inno bars

style adapters that drop through the top of the basket and attach to your crossbars using brackets and hand knobs. Once tightened your cargo tray will be securely fit to your bars and you'll be able to load up and go! In addition to working on Thule bars this adapter will also fit Inno crossbars, Yakima round crossbars and the Rhino-Rack Euro crossbars. 


To see a complete list of all the Rhino-Rack wire-mesh baskets, wire-mesh trays and alloy cargo trays this adapter will work with please view the product details of this adapter available in our Rack Adapter section. If you require assistance with this adapter or any Rhino-Rack product our team members are waiting to help! Please contact us at info@hitchweb.com or 1-800-300-4067


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