Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Styles

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Hitch mounted cargo carriers are conveniently mounted using your trailer hitch receiver providing easy access to your cargo at any point during your trip. Being mounted behind the vehicle also means less wind resistance and better gas mileage! Depending on your application there are several types of cargo carriers available.

What do you need to install you carrier?

To install a hitch mounted cargo carrier you will need a trailer hitch on your vehicle. All of our hitch mounted cargo carriers will fit either an 1 ¼” receiver (Class II) or 2”receiver (Class III). We recommend (if you have the option) selecting a Class III hitch for your vehicle – this will provide more weight support and carrier options than a Class II hitch. Our trailer hitch search will show all available options after entering your vehicle information. After you slide your cargo carrier into the hitch receiver it is held in place with a pin and clip. A locking pin kit will provide extra security for both the cargo basket and your gear. 


Curt Platform Cargo Carrier


  • The most common/simple style of cargo carrier.
  • Flat and open and come in several shapes and sizes.
  • Some models have a folding feature allowing the carrier to fold up for easier stowing.
  • Base of the tray can be either grated or solid.
  • Platform carriers can also come with a railing along the outside of the tray. This helps to stop cargo from sliding off the trailer and also provides a mounting point for tie-down straps/cords.


 Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier


  • Enclosed cargo carriers can help keep your belongings safe from theft and harsh weather.
  • Plenty of interior space for your gear.
  • Some enclosed carriers can be removed from their tray or tilt up to reduce space when not in use.
  • Two different functions allow easy access to the rear cargo area.
    • The tray swings away from behind the vehicle to the side.
    • Two telescoping bars extend the tray away from the vehicle.
  •  Large carriers can sometimes block a vehicle's tail lights - we offer light kits in our Cargo Carrier Accessories section to easily remedy this.


 Hitch Mount Motorcycle Carrier MX-600


  • Wheelchair and scooter carriers are an excellent option to transport mobility carriers.
    • Ramps attached to the platform allow for easy guiding of mobility equipment. 
  • Motorcycle carriers must mount into 2" trailer hitch receivers.
    • Excellent alternative to getting bikes up into a truck bed or using a trailer.
    • Most carriers can accomidate a wide variety of bikes.


 If you require assistance selecting your cargo carrier, hitch or any towing accessory please contact one of our team members for assistance: info@hitchweb.com or 1-800-300-4067


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