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What Are Rhino-Rack Crossbars

Written by Hitchweb Team
Thursday, September 25, 2014 — No Comments Yet

What are the types of Rhino-Rack crossbars?


Vortex Aero:

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero CrossbarrsVortex Aero Crossbars are stylish and sporty, aerodynamic and quiet. The feature an automotive feature and trim and is designed for the consumer that is serious about their vehicle and gear and wants maximum value out of their roof rack. The understide attachment allowes for full crossbar real estate which means more room for gear. They are compatible with a wide range of accessories such as bare roofs, raised or flush rails, fixed points (crossbar overhang and crossbar terminating), and raingutter roofs. Vortex Aero crossbars are vehicle specific.


Heavy Duty Crossbars:

Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty CrossbarsHeavy Duty Crossbars  are rugged and strong. Their heavy duty capacity is for the consumer that is serious about their work. It's aluminum construction is strong, lightweight and built to last. These crossbars are suitable for commercial and tradesman contactors. Heavy Duty crossbars are vehicle specific.


Euro Crossbars:

Rhino-Rack Euro CrossbarsEuro Crossbars are entry level and versatile. They fit most Rhino, Thule and Yakima gear mounts. Euro Crossbars are for the consumer that is just starting out and may only get limited use out of their rack. Euro crossbars are vehicle specific.


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