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What Is A SuperHitch

Written by Hitchweb Team
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 — No Comments Yet
Torklift SuperHitch

Do you ask yourself, what Is A SuperHitch?

The SuperHitch made by Torklift is specifically designed for towing another product behind a truck while carrying a slide in camper up to 12 feet long.

This Hitch is rated for 15,000 lbs. Weight Capacity / 17,000 lbs. Weight Distributing. It features high penetration dual shield welding and uses 2" ballmounts.

The SuperHItch features two receivers, a 2" upper receiver and 2" lower receiver and hardened reinforced hitch pin locations. They are pre-drilled to work with Torklfit Tie Downs and have a limited lifetime warranty.

There is also another type of SuperHitch, the SuperHitch Magnum

The SuperHitch Magnum is designed similar to the SuperHitch, but is rated for 17,000 lbs. Weight Capacity / 20,000 lbs. Weight Distributing.

The SuperHitch Magnum also has two receivers, a 2-1/2" upper receiver and a 2" lower receiver. If an upper 2" receiver is needed, this SuperHitch Magnum comes with a 2-1/2" to 2" receiver adapter. The SuperHitch Magnum is also pre-drilled to work with Torklfit Tie Downs and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Here's our selection of SuperHitches:

  1. SuperHitch for Chevrolet Pickup
  2. SuperHitch for Dodge Pickup
  3. SuperHitch for Ford Pickup
  4. SuperHitch for Toyota Pickup

Both the SuperHitch and SuperHitch Magnum are vehicle specific, luckily we make it easy to find the right SuperHitch for your Truck. Also you may find some of SuperHitch Accessories helpful.

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