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The EZ-Lube Option

Written by Hitchweb Team
Thursday, January 24, 2013 — No Comments Yet

What is the 'EZ-Lube' Option?

Due to the inconvenience of messy, regular grease cleaning, some manufacturers like Dexter have offered the EZ Lube option. Several components make up this system: EZ Lube Spindles, trailer wheel hub covers (aka Grease Caps) and even Suspension Bolts. The difference between the regular pieces and the EZ-Lube style is a small, pin sized hole on the parts. This small hole runs the length of the part, and allows the customer to push grease through to all the components without the mess.

We carry a selection of EZ-Lube Hub Covers. If you are looking for a Dexter EZ-Lube product that we do not show on our website, contact our team and we can source it for you!

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