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Standard Trailer Coupler Components

Written by Hitchweb Team
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 — No Comments Yet

What are the components of a standard trailer coupler?

There are many variations and innovations in couplers, but the basic concept remains virtually unchanged. Here are the main components and how it works:

  • Lever or Handle
  • Ball Receptacle
  • Safety Clip
  • Latch

Trailer Coupler Components

Once the ball is lined up with the coupler, the coupler is placed over top of the ball. The latch gives way to the ball and then locks by wedging at the narrowest part of the ball. The lever fucntions as the release for the wedge latch, which is why some of the higher-end couplers have a safety pin on the lever so that it does not accidentally release the ball.

Now that you know how a Standard Trailer Coupler works, choose the correct one for you by selecting the capacity, ball size and usage.

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