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What Are 5th Wheel Couplers

Written by hitchweb Team
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 — No Comments Yet

In order to explain what are 5th wheel couplers, let's go over the components that make a complete coupler.

A 5th wheel trailer has a king pin at the front of it which the hitch on the truck clamps around.  

The 5th wheel coupler is mounted to the king pin on the trailer. The king pin, together with the rest of the mounting area, called the 'king pin box' make up the coupler. Most 5th wheel trailers come with the king pin already mounted to the trailer.  There are many features and types to consider when purchasing a king pin coupler.

5th Wheel King Pin


A 5th Wheel King Pin Box is used to EXTEND or SHORTEN the distance from the PIN to the trailer. They are adjustable with telescoping square tubes for maximum height with minimum sway and designed to fit a variety of 5th wheel trailers.


5th wheel king pin box


5th Wheel Couplers come in varying types and styles. The one to the right is the Reese AirRide coupler with shock absorbers, they are used for a SMOOTHER RIDE.

Their enclosed heavy duty shock and air springs automatically adjust to reduce the impact of vertical shock and chucking. A great reason for considering an aftermarket 5th wheel coupler, they do provide a more comfortable ride, which makes all the difference when you're towing that last stretch of a long haul.

Reese Air Ride 5th Wheel Coupler


The one to the right here is the Reese Sindewinder 5th Wheel Coupler, they are great for TURNING EASE.

They do a good job of keeping the 5th wheel trailer from contacting the cab of short bed trucks, offer the greatest angle of operation in tight turning areas and provide faster steering wheel response.

Reese Sindewinder 5th Wheel Coupler

Last but no least it's the Reese Sidewinder 5th Airborne Combo 5th wheel coupler, it provide the best of everything.

They combine the features of both the Sidewinder and the AirRide to provide the most comfortable, easy ride on the road.

Please be advised these combos are not for use with B&W Turnover Ball products.

Reese Sidewinder 5th Airborne 5th wheel coupler

We hope you found this helpful in explaining what are 5th wheel couplers. If you need help selecting the correct 5th wheel coupler for your ideal towing experience contact us via Live Support, Email, or call 800-300-4067

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