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What Is A Pintle Hitch

Written by hitchweb Team
Thursday, January 19, 2012 — No Comments Yet

A pintle hitch is a type of tow hitch that uses a ring-to-hook or ball configuration for a more secure mount that's ideal for rougher terrain.


Pintle Mounting Plate

Pintle Mounting Plate 
Pintle Mounts are inserted into your receiver so you can tow Pintle-Type trailers quickly and easily. They are mounting plates for both ball and Pintle and Rigid type Pintle Hooks. They are secured in the receiver by using pin and clip (ordered seperately).

View our selection of Pintle Mounts and apply the appropriate filters to select the right mount for you.

Pintle Hook and Rings

Pintle Hooks
Pintle Hooks are mounted to the Pintle Mount via mounting hardware. Pintle Hooks & pintle rings act like a trailer hitch and are most common on rough terrain. Mostly used for industrial and farming towing purposes.

View our selection of Pintle Hooks and apply the appropriate filters to find the right hook for you.

Pintle Combos and Accessories

Pintle Combos
Pintle combos are quite simply combinations of Pintle Hooks with the appropriate ball. This makes it easy on anyone lookign to buy a complete pintle setup. 


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