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How To Choose A Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Written by hitchweb Team
Monday, December 5, 2011 — No Comments Yet

Hitch mounted bike racks slide into the hitch receiver on the back of your vehicle. Different sizes are available for different receivers (1 ¼” and 2”), and different models that fold, tilt or swing away leaving you access to the rear of your vehicle.

When choosing a Hitch Mounted Bike Rack it is important to consider the below information:


  • Class I hitches typically have 2,000lbs capacity, 200lbs tongue weight.
    Recommend no more than 2 bikes

  • Class II hitches typically have 3,500lbs capacity, 350lbs tongue weight.
    Recommend up to 4 bikes

  • A Class II only bike rack will not fit a Class I hitch

  • Class III hitches typically have 3,500lbs - 12,000LBS towing Capacity. 
    Recommend up to 5 bikes


  • Tray style hitch carriers are lower, easier and faster to load than other rack styles. These hitch carriers fit more bike styles than any other rack.

  • Swing-Away Bike Racks swings bikes away from the vehicle allowing unlimited access to the rear of the vehicle. Easy to operate by removal of a pin & clip. Bike can remain on the rack while it is in swing away motion.

  • Folding Bike Racks folds down and out of the way for unlimited rear access. Bikes must be removed before folding.

  • Tilting Bike Racks tilts down at the base of the rack. Limited access to the rear of the vehicle. Bikes must be removed before tilting.

See our trailer hitch page to find a hitch for your vehicle. Now that you know what type of hitch mounted bike rack you are looking for, go on and have fun!

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