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Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating October 15, 2018

Good prices and fast shipping.

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating July 16, 2018

I would’ve given a 5 except for the difficulty I had with the specs for my truck and getting the right parts. It should have been more clear in both Torklift website specs and Hitch web. I think it’s probably more Torklifts fault. I asked more than once from Torklift about specs because Hitch web wasn’t completely sure. Everything looked right according to my specs. Then the frame mounts front and rear wouldn’t fit and I had to reorder. After being referred to a tech named Daryl. It was only my model that had a difference in the size of my frame at the rear. What the spec should have read for 1500HD with 8” frame was that it has 5.5” frame at the rear for the OEM hitch, then this mix up wouldn’t have happened. Instead on the website both for Torklift and Hitchweb, they had a footnote for the front frame mounts about a 5.5” frame at the rear. Why would the footnote be under the front mount? So I actually needed frame mounts listed for a 1500 model not an HD. Why is that confusing? Because this model of truck 1500HD is in the HD category the same as the 2500HD and 3500HD except GM changed the rear of the frame behind the rear wheels. Aside from this mix up, the staff at Hitchweb and Torklift, was absolutely excellent!! It was a bit annoying going back and forth in the communication but the help I received was fantastic! I managed to get my frame mounts on myself and everything almost fit perfectly except I had to use my grinder to remove some metal from my hitch so the rear frame mounts would fit properly. I have yet to try out the Fast Gun tie downs I also bought. So thanks Hitchweb for being able to buy this stuff from Canada and for making it easy to return my wrong mounts at no charge.

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