Why Can't I Reverse With My Trailer Coupler?

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Why can't I reverse with my trailer coupler?

As Standard Couplers do not store brake fluid, It is not possible for a standard coupler to reverse as backing up puts pressure on the lever and causes the brake to lock up when trying to reverse.

There are two ways to get around this problem:

1)  Different than a standard couper, some Surge Couplers come with a 'brake lockout lever' and therefore are able to reverse, just flip the switch prior to backing up

2) 'Reverse Brake Lock-Out Solenoid' is an add on which when installed, provides an outlet for the fluid rather than pushing it through the brake lines.

If you are interested in purchasing one, contact our team as we need to know the brand and model of your surge coupler. 

Brake Lock-Out Lever

Brake Lockout Lever on Trailer Coupler

Reverse Brake Lock-Out Solenoid

Demco Brake Lock-Out Solenoid

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