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Vehicle Towing with a Motorhome Towing Safety Checklist

Written by Hitchweb Team
Wednesday, February 3, 2021 — No Comments Yet

Checklist for towing a vehicle behind your Motorhome Safely

A few things to keep in mind before embarking on a road trip:

Motorhome Towing Hitchweb Canada Safety Vehicle Towing


1. Is the tow bar locked in the tow position? Are all pins and clips properly secured?


2. Are the safety cables hooked up? Are they crossed under the coupler and properly attached?


3. Check for any indications of damage to the bar or bracket


4. Checked all nuts and bolts for tightness?


5. Is the wiring connected? Are all of the lights functioning properly on both vehicles?


6. If equipped, has the braking system been properly connected and tested?


7.Is the transmission on the proper gear for towing?


8. If necessary, is the drive shaft disengaged?


9. Is the towed vehicle's parking brake released?


10. Is the ignition allowing the steering wheel to turn?


11. Is the towed vehicle locked for towing? Do you have a spare key?


12. Have you followed the vehicle manufacturer's instructions for towing?


Missing an item required to safely tow your vehicle behind your motorhome? View our RV TOWING category or click on the link to determine what is required to safely tow your motorhome


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